Privacy Policy

Although Exploding Cable Productions itself won’t collect any personalized data from you browsing this website, this website uses the following tools which cause the third parties to obtain various data.

Here, we have outlined what data each tool collects (including if the data can be personal or not and the way to opt-out if its collection method is automatic) below, so please read them carefully.

If you continue to browse this website, we’ll assume that you have read and agreed to our Privacy Policy.

Collection tools for Website

Access analysis tool

Provider Google Inc.
Service name Google Analytics
Collection method Automatically

We use Google Analytics to collect traffic data, which uses Cookie for its functionalities. Any traffic data it collects is anonymized, meaning that the data cannot identify you or any individual.

If you want to opt-out, Click this link.
This link will write a cookie entry to your browser that tells Google Analytics to stop tracking you.

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Service desk

Provider GitLab Inc.
Service name Service desk
Collection method When you contact us from the support page for Twin Horizons on Steam

We use Service desk process your inquiries.
Gitlab knows your e-mail address, content of inquiry, log file, and save data if we need it.
The log file may contain a hardware configuration on your machine.

Collection tools for Application

Statistics and Crash reports

Provider Unity Technologies
Service name Unity Cloud Analytics and Diagnosis
Collection method Automatically

We use Unity Cloud Analytics and Diagnosis to collect statistics, crash reports, and error logs.
Statistics and Crash reports data collects is anonymized, meaning that the data cannot identify you or any individual.

If you want to opt out, you can do so via the game in following opportunities:

  • When running the game for the first time, and
  • Looking into Option > Analytics Data Settings

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License Check, Steam Cloud and Achievements

Provider Valve Corporation
Service name Steamworks SDK
Collection method Automatically

We use Steam to do the following:

  • to check if you own the license of this game
  • to save your progress to Steam Cloud
  • to track your Steam Achievement status for this game
  • to associate your replays with your account (more about this below.)

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Sharing features within the game

Provider Exploding Cable Productions and Twitter, Inc.
Service name Score Sharing API / Twitter / Steam
Collection method At your request; the game sends our server the outcome and/or the replay of your play
What are collected? Steam internal User ID, Steam profile information, and the “replay ghost file”

We use Score Sharing API for the following:
Recording the result of the game at your request.
Generating a special image file and a URL pointing to it for embedding into a tweet.

To associate replays with you, we currently collect your (numerical) Steam ID from Steam. When you make a request to save the replay, the game generates a “ghost file” which is sent to the server. This file is then saved with an ID, and will be available for request for you and other players to download and play along with.

We also pull your Steam profile name from Steam if you explicitly change the setting within the game to show your name to anyone or to your Steam friends.

All the replays you have requested to save can be viewed within the game and can be deleted individually any time.

When you ask us to record your result and the attempt succeeds, we also open Twitter in your default browser and pre-fill a set of text that includes the URL to the record.
This does NOT allow any automated tweet; For the generated tweet to be tweeted, your direct action is always required.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may get updated over time. When we do so, we’ll announce the change in a clear way such as a mention on this website. If you continue to use Twin Horizons or this service, we’ll assume you have agreed to such changes.