Using MIDI Controller

You can use MIDI controller to control this game!

The in-game control keys are assigned as follows:

In-game Control Key assignment MIDI Note (Yamaha-based) MIDI Note Number
Confirm Enter C1 36
Back ESC E5 88
Select Space G2 55
Up Up D1 38
Down Down A#0 34
Left Left B0 35
Right Right C#1 37
Lower Leftmost D C3 60
Lower Left F D3 62
Lower Right J E3 64
Lower Rightmost K F3 65
Upper Leftmost E C4 72
Upper Left R D4 74
Upper Right U E4 76
Upper Rightmost I F4 77

Assign the notes as above to play Twin Horizons.
Using MIDI controller will usually enable you to bypass rollover limit of your keyboard!

Tip: It is beneficial that you disable the velocity sensing while you play, since it is known to cause misfiring.