Twin Horizons Online Manual

System Requirements

Basic Rules



System Requirements



OS Windows 7 (SP1+)
Processor 64-bit ONLY
Memory 2 GB RAM
DirectX Version 10
Storage 1 GB available space
Additional Notes Mouse and 4-key rollover Keyboard required
(“D, F, J, K” and “E, R, U, I” must be able to be pressed at once)


OS Windows 10
Processor 64-bit ONLY
Memory 4 GB RAM
DirectX Version 12
Storage 5 GB available space
Additional Notes Headphone and N-Key Rollover Wired Keyboard
are STRONGLY suggested for full experience.



OS macOS 10.13 High Sierra
Processor 64-bit ONLY
Memory 2 GB RAM
Storage 1 GB available space
Additional Notes Mouse and Keyboard required. Apple Keyboards can be used.


OS macOS 10.15 Catalina
Processor 64-bit ONLY
Memory 16 GB RAM
Storage 5 GB available space
Additional Notes Headphone and N-Key Rollover Wired Keyboard
are STRONGLY suggested for full experience.

Basic Rules

Press the keys when pieces lands on the yellow judge line.

Pieces without trails are to be pressed once per one of them.

Tap piece

Pieces with trails are to be pressed and held when it lands on the judge line…

Hold start piece

and when the piece on the tail lands on the line, release the key!

Hold end piece

Reach 800,000pts to complete the stage!

You can learn the control in-game from the ‘Tutorial’ mode!


This key assignment is based on QWERTY keyboard.
If you use keyboard other than that, the position of the key would stay -
meaning that if you use a Dvorak keyboard, the D, F, J, K key will be E, U, H, T.

In-game Control QWERTY Key
Confirm Enter
Back ESC
Select Space
Up Up
Down Down
Left / Decrease High Speed Left
Right / Increase High Speed Right
Lower Lane (from the leftmost lane) D / F / J / K
Upper Lane (from the leftmost lane) E / R / U / I


Antivirus program marked the game as a virus

Some of the antivirus are known to incorrectly mark the game as a virus and move it into what is known as a ‘quarantine’ area.
As long as you got the game via Steam, it is safe to take it out of the quarantine area.

Refer to the manual from the antivirus providers about how to take items out of quarantine.

Note: If your game binary is deleted instead of getting quarantined,
temporarily change the settings of your antivirus to not to do that.
After that, reinstall the game via Steam.

The judges are unstable, incorrect, or key presses doesn’t register.

If you think the judges are unstable or the key presses are lagging or getting ignored,
try using a wired keyboard if you’re using a wireless one.

If this is not the case for you,
try closing other programs running on your PC, and check if your PC can handle this game.

To do this, look at the top-left corner when you’re in one of the following screen:

  • Options screen
  • Mode selection screen
  • Play screen
  • Global Offset Adjustment screen

Global Offset

We display the current frames per second there. Twin Horizons is made to work with 60FPS or more.
If the FPS is so low that the value is in yellow or red,
try lowering the graphic quality in Options > Display Settings > Quality.

My PC is beefy enough, but I still believe that the judges are incorrect

If you’re still receiving judges that are incorrect,
Try adjusting the global offset.

Navigate to Options > Audio Settings. With the Global Offset option, you can either:

  1. Fine-tune the offset with the left & right key.
    If you receive too many ‘EARLY’-s, increase the value.
  2. Interactively set the global offset by pressing Enter key.
    This will initiate the sequence you have seen when you boot the game for the first time.

Global Offset

Some of my keypress don’t register

There are several possible reasons for this issue.

  1. Your keyboard does not support 4-key rollover.
    Some keyboards just does not like pressing too many keys at once.
    Test your keyboard to see if you can press “D, F, J, K” and “E, R, U, I” at once.
    You can do this by pressing keys while the pieces aren’t approaching. The lanes should light up if the keys register.
  2. You may be “over-pressing” the keys.
    We advice that you press only what you need to press.
  3. You are using Apple keyboards, and you are having trouble with Full-Lane mode.
    Apple keyboards are known to have special rollover rules,
    so it is easier for over-pressing to be more of a problem.
  4. Your keyboard may be broken.
    Check your keyboard with a simple word processor software.

I don’t hear any sound

  1. Twin Horizons may have its sound volume at 0%
    Boot the game, navigate to “Options” > “Audio Settings” and check the value there.
    It may be at 0%.
    Volume check
  2. Your copy of Twin Horizons is marked as virus by your antivirus
    Check this faq to see if the game is in the quarantine.
    Such software is known to interfere with the game while it is scanned.
  3. [Windows only] Twin Horizons may be muted
    Windows has a feature called ‘Volume Mixer’ which can be accessed by right-clicking the volume icon in the task bar.
    While the game is running, open ‘Volume Mixer’ (it is easier while in Window mode.)
    Check if Twin Horizons is muted there.
  4. Your PC may not be recognizing your speaker or your output device.
    Check your system preferences.

The game is running with a wrong language / 言語設定がおかしい

Tip: 日本語でも説明しています! こちらをご参照ください。

Twin Horizons detects your Steam language settings. Therefore, you need to change your Steam language settings.

  1. If Twin Horizons is running, close it
  2. Display Twin Horizons from your Steam Client library
  3. You should find a cogwheel button to the right of the ‘Play’ button - click it
  4. Go to ‘LANGUAGE’
  5. Select the language you want to use from the dropdown in that screen

Does this game run on macOS Big Sur or Macintosh computers with M1 chips?

Yes! This game is confirmed to work on macOS Big Sur, and a Mac computer with a M1 chip.

However, the game currently runs on Rosetta 2, meaning that the game is not M1 native.
We’re working hard to ensure the game runs smoothly, so please bear with us!

I think I found a bug

If you found a behavior that looks like a glitch, check if there is an update first! Restarting Steam may be necessary.
If the problem still persists, tell us!
In Steam support, you can find a support page for Twin Horizons. You can send us an email from there.

When you file a bug, make sure to include as much information as possible such as:

  • Your OS (Windows or macOS? Version info will be appreciated!)
  • File Player.log and Player-prev.log, located in the following location:
    macOS: ~/Library/Logs/Exploding Cable Productions/Twin Horizons/
    Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Exploding Cable Productions\Twin Horizons\
  • What you were doing when the glitch happened

Failing to include the information makes it harder for us to pinpoint the issue!

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