“Let’s Plays” Guideline for Twin Horizons

(Updated on 24/Apr./2022)

We welcome your “Let’s Plays” of Twin Horizons!
Please adhere to these guidelines when you upload your videos to video sharing services such as YouTube.

1. Which song can be included in the video / stream?

All the 14 songs included in the game as of 24/Apr./2022 can be recorded and/or streamed.

2. Prohibited Uses

We prohibit publishing certain recordings of the gameplay (Footages hereafter) and/or using Footages in certain contexts. Prohibited Footage and/or the use of the Footage includes, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Footages that may result in copyright violations, such as:
    • The music in the rhythm game is played without any modification, i.e.:
      • Key Claps are turned off and no commentary during gameplay
      • Key Claps are turned on, but there’s no attempt to score
      • Sound Effect are muted in the settings (e.g. AutoPlay + muted SE)
  2. Use of Footages that may confuse others, such as:
    • Impersonating Exploding Cable Productions (e.g. claim that the video is official)
    • Using the Footage in a video that includes expression that violate public order
  3. Use of Footages in video that promote illegal act and/or violence against other people on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  4. Footages that exhibits unfair gameplay with the help of modifications of the game (e.g. hacks and cheats.)
  5. Footages that exhibits automated gameplay using external tools (i.e. TAS.)
    • Built-in Autoplay feature is exempt from this category, but be sure to check item 1.

Exploding Cable Productions reserves the right to issue takedown requests of the video found to violate the above to the platform, at our discretions.

3. Monetization

An individual may monetize the video that contains Footages using tools such as the partner program of the video sharing platform.
If you are acting as a legal entity (this case includes individuals that belong to e.g. a talent agency,) contact us beforehand.

4. Hashtags

Although not a requirement, we kindly ask you to include the hashtag #TwinHorizons or a tag “Twin Horizons” (“Twin_Horizons” if the platform doesn’t support spaces in tags) wherever possible!

5. Got any questions?

Send us an email to support<at>exploding-cable.com