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NOTE: This Steam Early Access game is currently not a finished game and may or may not change significantly over the course of development. To learn more about Steam Early Access, please visit


Floor and Ceiling, just for you!

Twin Horizons is a classic music game, but you have maximum of 8 lanes for you to pay attention!

Both the lower and the upper lanes
just for you to play!

Available in Normal to Extreme difficulty
for hardcore music gamers!
Are you up for the challenge?

8 Lane

Good ol' 4-lane mode

Great for starter!
Comes in Novice to Hard difficulty.
Get ready to handle the 8-lane modes
by playing this mode!

4 Lanes

Available on macOS and Windows!

  • Supports macOS 10.13+.
  • Supports Windows 7 and up.

Steam achievements!

For extra bragging rights!

Twin Horizons - can you handle the 8-lane madness?