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Exploding Cable Productions Releases "Twin Horizons," a Rhythm Game with Floor-and-Ceiling Gameplay

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 11 Feb 2021 - M. Miio

Game challenges you to handle two sets of traditional four lanes at the same time.

Indie game studio Exploding Cable Productions (located in Sapporo, Japan) today announced it will release a 4- and 8-lane keyboard-based music game, Twin Horizons, for Windows and macOS on Steam as an Early Access game at 19/Feb/2021, 17:00 PST.
Dressed in the 80’s futuristic art style, Twin Horizons provides you with the 8-lane rhythm game, where the targets come to you along both the traditional four lanes on the lower side of the screen plus the four lanes on the upper side.


“The 80’s future-ish art style we incorporated into the game in the early stage of development inspired me to add the ‘ceiling lanes,’” said Collapsed Plug, the lead programmer of Twin Horizons. “Because it reminded me of the scene where you fly between two planks in a wireframe world. Handling both the ceiling and the floor looked daunting at first, but when I started to get the hang of it, it turned out to be quite fun.”


At the Early Access, the game features ten songs of various genres. Each song has a maximum of eight stages for the players to tap and hold the keys on their way through. For those who are new to rhythm games, the game offers the ‘Half-Lanes Basic’ difficulty, but for the experienced, the game goes all out with the ‘Extreme’ difficulty, which sometimes throws over 1,200 targets at the player in a single stage.
And if that’s not enough, the game features Risky Play Options, where if the player misses too hard, the game will shut down the gameplay mid-way.


Twin Horizons also features Steam achievements; some of them are easy to get you started, but others require actual rhythm game skill.


The game contents are under active development, and more songs and charts are to be added through updates.

View the Twin Horizons release trailer here:

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Author: M. Miio
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Game Title: Twin Horizons
Genre: Music, Rhythm, PC Planned Release date: 19/Feb./2021 17:00 PST Price: $14.99 USD
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